Exploration and Meditation on Form

Experiments #1
January 22, 2016

Exploration and Meditation on Form

The beauty of visual art is in it's detachment from the constrains imposed by the language of words. There are things in this world, that are impossible to convey with words alone. By using art, it's possible to interact directly with the subconscious, the soul, the essence, the Ātman, or whatever you like to call it. Art has power, it is a tool, a universal language. And, a way of discovery. By using art, it's possible to alter consciousness of the viewer and the creator.

This piece, with those repetitive movements, mechanical work, play of light and darkness - hopes to create a peaceful feeling, change your awareness and create almost a hypnotic effect.
Hopefully, this will create a need to look more inward, create awareness and, possibly, by contemplation, some kind of change in your own life... or just wonder at the life itself.

Welcome to the life's mystery. Allow the miracle of existence to emerge from the darkness and transform you.

This sculpture is directly influenced by Jennifer Townley's Asinas.